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Mr. Cumberland, the cat who walked too fatr

Mr. Cumberland, the cat who walked too fatr

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Embark on an enchanting journey with Mr. Cumberland, a splendid and curious cat who loves to roam. He's known as Mr. C to the two children who adore him, and his elegance and confidence lead him to a grand adventure beyond the familiar picket fence.

But when Mr. C finds himself lost, the enchanting tale truly begins. Join him as he forms unlikely friendships with Rusty, the squirrel, Hazel, the friendly hedgehog, and Max, the playful dog. Together, they navigate through challenges, finding warmth and fellowship under the starlit sky and discovering the true meaning of home.

As the adventure unfolds, Mr. Cumberland's courage and curiosity will capture your heart. But will he ever find his way back home? Join him on this heartwarming journey to find out.

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“One of the most rewarding parts of gardening is seeing people grow their own food.”

– Sophie McKay

Meet the Author...

Hi, I am Sophie McKay,

Thank you so much for visiting my bookstore.

I am an avid gardener and an emerging author in the field of urban gardening, permaculture, and sustainability. My work explores self-sufficiency, foraging, food forestry, and food preservation, with a view to helping readers gain independence and help repair the planet little by little.

My love of food begins in the ground and ends with the happy faces around the dinner table. I am an avid cook, always looking for new ways to bring out the natural flavors of my homegrown produce and preserve my bounty for the off-season.

I live in the countryside with my husband, my two children, and our beloved rescue cat, who show me every day what’s truly important in life.